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The Stellar Ship Explorer

A Vehicle Voltron Website

Celebrating "That Other Voltron" since 8/29/1999.
A Mighty Website—loved by ALL true Voltron fans; feared by "Vehicle Haters."

If your favorite search engine and the keywords "Car Voltron" brought you here, prepare to be SCHOOLED.

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1ST QUARTER 2013 - UPDATE! Enhancements and additions to the entire site are in progress. Some of these are cosmetic; some are "under the hood." It's an ongoing effort to optimize the quality and entertainment value of the site. See the "What's New" page for details.

11/17/2012 - UPDATE! More images have been added to the "VV's Arsenal" page, and an error on the "Who flies what ship" page has been corrected. Also, the website overhaul is nearly complete. See the "What's New" page for details.

4/5/2012 - UPDATE! Voltron: The Third Dimension page is finally posted. I actually wrote this years ago, but now it's finally up. Um... enjoy?

Welcome aboard the S. S. Explorer—the flagship of the Galaxy Alliance and home base of the mighty Vehicle Voltron.  Inspired by the number of Voltron pages on the Web and yet disheartened by how few of them were devoted to Vehicle Voltron, I decided that once I finally got on the Web myself, I had to make a Vehicle Voltron page. My objective is to present all of the "new" info (that is, not already on another site) that I have on Vehicle Voltron. The emphasis will be on information over multimedia (think Vehicle Voltron version of Shannon Muir's page), though there will be many images, some sounds, and a few video snippets posted here eventually. For now, though, it's mostly text and images. 

Take a tour of the S. S. Explorer!


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