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A few rants thoughts about Voltron: The 3rd Dimension

In 1998 Voltron experienced a revival, of sorts, with the release of Voltron: The 3rd Dimension.  The CGI show only featured LV which left many VV fans, including myself, with mixed emotions.  Sure, it was great to see Voltron on the air again in any form, but we VV fans weren't getting what we so desperately wanted. A few fans even expressed hostility—not just deprived VV fans, but also LV fans who felt that V3D betrayed the spirit of the orginal series. Not me. I actually have utter contempt much appreciation for the 2 seasons of Voltron butchery that V3D gave us.

Just look at how Keith was completely wussified portrayed in V3D. He led the VF with Jeff's voice a firm but fair hand. Lotor, the ruthless yet handsome villain, was turned into a half-cyborg monster—quite a slap in the collective face of Lotor-loving fans daring move by the writers. And let's not forget Amalgamus, the glorified calculator robot who presided over the Galaxy Alliance even though he couldn't lead rats to cheese and was easier to sabotage than Windows 95.

While the original series gave us the space mice, V3D gave us space lice, clearly demonstrating the hazards of smoking crack while writing scripts writers' tongue-in-cheek creativity. Even worse more, we got to see what happens when toy companies are given too much control over the direction of a TV series a new version of LV: Stealth Hamster Voltron. And if V3D hadn't been put out of its misery cancelled, we would have seen yet another bastardization version of LV: Voltrex, the dinosaur abomination Voltron.

Let's not forget to thank Netter Digital Entertainment, who animated V3D and in the process made everyone forget that they ever produced quality series such as Babylon 5 brought our favorite characters back to half life.

There's Trendmasters, the company that tried to cram Stealth Voltron and Voltrex down our throats gave us new, mostly crappy Voltron toys.

All told, I think Voltron fans should feel proud when they think of V3D. After all, they played a major role in V3D's spectacular ride straight down the toilet. And Trendmasters and Netter not far behind.

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