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Vehicle Voltron Episode Summary

Following is a summarized listing of all 52 VV episodes. At this writing I don't have summaries for all the eps yet, but I will soon thanks to the much-appreciated help of fellow fans Purrsia, Coldwin, and SvenBlue2000. Thanks for your patience!
  1. In search of new worlds
    Many introductions are made, and the ongoing war between the Galaxy Alliance and the Drule Empire is established here. The Stellar Ship Explorer finds a new world. Drule Commander Quark is introduced here.

  2. First day on a new world
    The Alliance starts building on the new world. Quark launches another attack and another robeast, but both are defeated by VV. (This is the first ep on WEP's video, "The Explorer Trilogy.")

  3. Building a new world
    Jeff gets into a scuffle with another officer who was bullying Chip. Jeff gets a black eye from the bully, and a lecture from Cliff. Quark launches an all-out assault on the new planet and destroys it. This is also Quark's final appearance.

  4. Goodbye, new world
    Actually, ep 3 should have this title. For that reason my buddy SvenBlue2000 and I prefer to call it, "Goodbye, WEP Quality Control!" The Sea Team gets caught up in a black hole. Drule Commander Malvor is also introduced.

  5. Try this world for size
    The Explorer encounters another planet. The Land Team explores it and discovers that someone is "seeding" the planet with vegetation in order to jump-start its evolution. That "someone" turns out to be the Drules. Malvor attacks, but eventually Hawkins withdraws when he realizes that the planet belongs to the Drules, who obviously found it first. (This is the second ep on WEP's video, "The Explorer Trilogy.")

  6. A storm of meteors
    Drule Commander Mongo is introduced. After having a nightmare about being caught in a meteor storm himself, he tries to lure the Explorer to a "planet of meteors".

  7. Help not wanted
    In an attempt to establish peaceful relations w/ the Drules, Galaxy Garrison orders the VV force to not form Voltron under any circumstances and sends a backup fleet led by the ill-fated Captain Kio. (This is the third ep on WEP's video, "The Explorer Trilogy.")

  8. Ghost fleet from another planet
    The Explorer finds a fleet of ruined "ghost" ships on a mysterious new planet. It turns out to be a Drule trap: Once the Explorer lands on the planet to investigate, it becomes infected with metal-eating microbes. (This is the fourth ep on WEP's video, "The Explorer Trilogy." Yeah, that's right, the fourth ep on a "trilogy." Actually, this video was originally titled "A new vehicle world," then WEP decided to rename it. Go figure.)

  9. A very short vacation
    The Explorer's crew and the VVF are at point of exhaustion, and the Explorer herself is dangerously low on supplies. The Explorer finds a suitable planet for the crew to get some R&R as they wait for a supply convoy to arrive. Unfortunately, the Drules attack the convoy, which has been left virtually defenseless by a bureaucratic snafu at Galaxy Garrison. There's also hints of a "thing" between Jeff and Ginger in this ep, but the Drule attack interrupts their time together. Their "thing" doesn't seem to be addressed again in the series.

  10. Planet of the bats
    On another strange planet, Modock is attacked by bats and stricken gravely ill.

  11. A temporary truce
    The Explorer takes in a young Drule named Sandu when his ship crashes, stirring up mixed feelings among the crew.

  12. Wolo's lost world
    The VV Force explores a world that brings back some hard childhood memories involving Wolo's brother and himself.

  13. Planet stop for repairs
    The VV team leaders gang up on Cmdr. Hawkins and try to convince him that a more offensive approach is needed against the Drules. Hawkins doubles down on his defensive stance, though, and it pays off when Nerok deploys a robeast and triple-dog dares VV to fight. VV actually wins the battle by not fighting. This ep also contains the infamous quote from Crik that's been widely misinterpreted as "(f-bomb) off and go home!" The actual quote is, "pack up and go home," but Michael Bell apparently did such a good job with Crik's "Engrish" that it's hosed many people. Then again, Bell's notorious for salty language, so who really knows?

  14. A curious comet
    Broka's Comet passes by, leaving different effects in its wake. Some become dizzy and sick; others, including Cmdre. Steele on Earth, become irrational and uncharacteristally aggressive. After the comet passes, Drule Captain Nerok tries to fool the VV Force with a fake comet. Also in this ep: A robeast blasts VV's right arm off, forcing them to reattach; and Hazar makes his first peaceful overture to the Alliance.

  15. In the enemy camp
    Cmdr. Hawkins finally convinces the Drule Empire to engage in peace talks. Bravely going to Mongo's ship alone, Hawkins convinces Mongo of his good intentions. Before they can finalize a plan for joint exploration of space, Brak tries to use the peace talks as a ruse to launch an attack on the VF.

  16. Who's on first
    A treaty between the Alliance and the Drules that allowed the Alliance to explore planet X-40 for 3 days and then immediately leave expires, but the Explorer is unable to leave when Galaxy Garrison fails to give official approval in time. Also, Commander Brak and Captain Nerok stage a failed revolt against Hazar.

  17. No, who's on second
    The Explorer crew are blindsided when Galaxy Garrison commands commands Captain Newley to return to Earth. Team leaders Jeff, Crik, and Cliff are assigned to rotating shifts as acting captains in Newley's stead.

  18. What's on first
    After countless false starts, the VVF finally begins joint explorations of new worlds with the Drule Empire. However, Nerok calls in a favor with the Supreme Council and gets command over the peace effort. His first command: abandon the the peace effort and prepare for attack!

  19. Great stone space faces
    On planet Nebb, the Explorer discovers that the planet seems to have been abandoned long ago by its inhabitants. Ruined cities and giant stone faces similar to those on Earth's Easter Island are the only clues left behind.

  20. Defend the new world
    The VV force must defend a new base on a recently-discovered planet from Drule attack. Colonel Cross, the officer in charge of the base who's about to retire, lets his pride get the best of him and refuses to call the Explorer for help until the base is nearly destroyed. Also, Jeff is knocked out by a robeast, forcing VV to form without his head!

  21. Meanwhile back at Galaxy Garrison
    Much debate at Galaxy Garrison ensues when Hawkins asks for a support fleet. There's division between the hawks who insist that more support is essential and the doves who feel that the reports about the Drule threat are just "scare tactics." Also, GG has been trying to duplicate VV—but without certain secret adaptations known only by the late Dr. Loring they only encounter failure. One of the ill-fated proto-Voltrons is shown in a field test.

  22. Nerok scores big
    Marshall Keezor relieves Hazar of his command, and sends Nerok after the Explorer. Nerok humbles the Explorer and VV, forcing them to retreat.

  23. Hazar on the carpet
    Mongo is defeated by an Alliance support fleet and defects in disgrace, and Hazar is courtmartialed as a result.

  24. Hazar is demoted

  25. Just like Earth

  26. The planet trap
    The Drules send a bogus distress call in order to lure the VV Force to a planet with an energy-sapping aura. The Air Team becomes trapped on the planet when they go to investigate. Also, Lisa gets knocked out, forcing VV to form without his right leg!

  27. Save the space station

  28. Planet of the Amazons
    Jeff tries to convince Nefra, the queen of a planet whose males were all taken captive by the Drules, that his people are friendly. Not so easy, considering that Nefra believes that the VV force are Drules themselves, and then the real Drules come along and make things worse.

  29. Revolt of the slaves
    VV and the Explorer rescues slaves from the planet Vasamir after they revolt against their Drule captors.

  30. Raid on Galaxy Garrison
    The Drules knock out an energy station essential to VV's operation, leaving Earth wide open for a daring Drule raid.

  31. Smashing the meteor barrier

  32. A man-made sun

  33. Captain Newley Returns

  34. Hazar bucks the Empire

  35. Letters from home
    Air Team pilot Chip is consumed with worry when he doesn't get a letter from his twin brother Pidge (the pilot of LV's Green Lion) at the latest mail call. This is also the only ep I'm aware of that used the "short" closing credits.

  36. Peace - a fish story!
    Hazar sends Borgum to negotiate peace with the Alliance, but Borgum has other plans.

  37. The Red Moon people
    The Air Team discovers a strange race on a new planet and come to realize that it's the race that evacuated planet Nebb, the "planet of the Red Moon" (see ep 19 above).

  38. This world's for the birds
    Drule Captain Twyla (wasn't there a gal in LV with that same name?) is attacked by birds on an alien planet and picked up by the Explorer. Hawkins tries to befriend her as he did Sandu in "A temporary truce" (ep 11), but this time it doesn't take.

  39. That's the old ball game

  40. Red Moon rises again

  41. Another solar system
    While exploring a planet, the VV Force finds that the Drules are already there doing their own research. To everyone's surprise, however, the Drule fleet evacuates the planet rather than fight. Before long, though, another fleet arrives ready for battle. (This and the next 2 eps were originally aired as a 3-part arc and are on WEP's video "Whose solar system is it?")

  42. Whose world is it?
    VV and the Drules fight round 2 on the planet. Hazar, despite his recent disgrace and demotion, attempts to stop the fighting and open up negotiations for the planet.

  43. It's anybody's world
    A pivotal turning point in the series: Hazar, Hawkins, and Newley finally meet face-to-face. But while they attempt to broker an agreement that would allow the Drules to keep the planet, the VV Force discovers that the planet is already inhabited by primitive humanoids. Ordered by Viceroy Throk to fight for the planet, Hazar puts the remains of his career on the line by disobeying his orders and leaving the planet in peace. His subordinate Valen, however, has other ideas.

  44. Frozen Assets

  45. Coconuts
    One of only two eps I'm aware of that uses the "long" closing credits.

  46. It could be a long war

  47. Color me invisible

  48. Time running out

  49. Zero Hour Approaches
    The Explorer, accompanied by Captain Newley's escort fleet, finally reaches the Drule homeworld to help Hazar and his Underground Rebel Force overthrow Emperor Zeppo as the Drule homeworld's situation becomes critical. (This and the next three eps were originally aired as a 4-part "finale.")

  50. The Drules' world cracks up
    The Drule revolution is in full force. The Explorer and VV fight the Empire's forces above ground while Hazar and the URF battle underground to reach Zeppo's stronghold.

  51. The Drules surrender
    The Alliance defeats the Empire's forces once and for all. Hazar confronts Zeppo face-to-face.

  52. The end of Hazar's world
    With the Empire deposed and Zeppo and his minions in exile, the Explorer must now evacuate the Drules to a new homeworld before their old homeworld finally explodes.

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