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Following are some of my favorite quotes from various VV characters that have stuck in my mind for years.  I've tried to cite the character name, episode name and episode number whenever it was available to me.  I apologize for the vagueness of some citations; in such cases I only have the quote in memory, which may be fuzzy after all this time.  Unfortunately, I don't have many eps on tape anymore and the ones I don't have haven't been shown in my area for years. 

"If he calls again, tell him I defected and I joined the Voltron Force!"
A Drule commander (can't remember his name), after being rebuked by Hazar.
From "Wolo's Lost World" (ep 12).

"Am I doomed to eternal defeat??  Simply because I'm surrounded by bunglers and imbeciles?!"
Drule commander Malvor.  From "Goodbye, new world" (ep 4).

"Fools!  Imbeciles!  You sent our robots to destruction!  I should have sent all you bunglers instead... bird-brain!"
Quark, to one of his robot servants.
From "In search of new worlds" (ep 1).

"One day maybe the universe will get it together--and decide that a base for one is a base for all!"
Cliff, at the end of an ep in which a new Alliance base was destroyed.
From "Defend the new world" (ep 20).

"They're all dedicated to war and conquest--but how stupid it is to want to conquer other worlds when you're losing your own world!"
Hazar, to his sister Dorma, lamenting the warlike mentality of the Drule Supreme Council.
Possibly from "Captain Newley returns" (ep 33)?

"I have sat here quietly listening to you rant and rave about war and insult me in front of my friends.  I'm leaving before I do something YOU'LL regret!!"
Mongo, after a scathing argument with Nerok at a meeting of Drule commanders.  ep 17.

yada, yada, yada
"Commander, why is the cost of freedom so high for some people?  I'll tell you why:  Because some people are luckier than others--like being born in a place where freedom comes naturally...You  know, freedom's a pretty funny thing, Commander--you don't miss it till you lose it.  But when you don't have it, you sure know it's missing."
Jeff, to Cmdr. Hawkins.
From "Revolt of the slaves" (ep 29).

Jeff, I just realized......you'd make a good politician.
"Jeff, I just realized something about you.  Sounds to me like you'd make a good politician."
Cmdr. Hawkins' response to the previous quote.

How do you punish such bravery?
"How do you punish such bravery?"
Cmdr. Hawkins, after the VF launched against orders.
From  "Help not wanted" (ep 7).
This ep can be found on WEP's video, "The Explorer Trilogy" (a.k.a. "A New Vehicle World").

Quiet! Pretend it's butterscotch topping!
"Quiet!  Pretend it's butterscotch topping!"
Cmdr. Hawkins, to Jeff, Crik, and Cliff after they all moaned about their "punishment" for disobeying orders not to form Voltron.  Each one was given a dish of ice cream with what appeared to be veja (sp?) sauce topping.  When they tasted it, it turned out to indeed be butterscotch.
From  "Help not wanted" (ep 7).
This ep can be found on WEP's video, "The Explorer Trilogy" (a.k.a. "A New Vehicle World").

"I'm gonna teach this guy a lesson--even if I have to go through you to do it!"
Shannon, to Cmdr. Hawkins.  Hawkins was eating dinner with a young Drule named Sandu whom the Explorer picked up after he crashed, and Shannon wanted to have it out with Sandu because his brother was a prisoner of the Drules.
From "In the enemy camp" (ep 15).

"Shannon, I'm very sorry about your brother, but he's a friend of ours too.  We all have friends and relatives held captive by the Drule Empire.  Sandu is not our prisoner; he is our guest.  Make him feel welcome!"
Cmdr. Hawkins' verbal response to the previous quote.  Hawkins' immediate response was to punch Shannon, sending him flying across the mess hall.

"Thanks a lot.  Your gratitude overwhelms me.  The next time you're in a spot, write me a long letter and explain everything."
Cliff, to Jeff.  Jeff had just tried to deck Cliff for inadvertently ruining Jeff's attempt to convince an alien race that they weren't Drules.
From "Planet of the Amazons" (ep 28).

"We must be gettin' quite a reputation! The Drules took off as soon as they saw us!"
Jeff's theory as to why the Drules evacuated a planet they were researching as soon as they spotted the Explorer's arrival.
From "Another solar system" (ep 41).
This ep can be found on WEP's video, "Whose solar system is it?"

"Flattering, but I doubt it!"
Cliff's response to the previous quote.

"Don't you dare reach for that button to turn me off!"
Viceroy Throk, to Hazar before he did just that after a fruitless debate with Throk regarding the latest disputed planet after discovering that it was already inhabited by a primitive humanoid race.
From "It's anybody world" (ep 43).
This ep can be found on WEP's video, "Whose solar system is it?"

"Aw, boy!  My first day as Assistant Captain and the only thing I get to announce is a lunch break!"
Jeff, after being rebuked by Cmdr. Hawkins for impulsively ordering the VF to launch.  Captain Newley had just been reassigned from the Explorer and the Voltron team leaders were placed on rotating shifts as "acting captains" to fill the void.
Ep 17.

Have a nice day, Hazar!
"Have a nice day, Hazar!"
Jeff, after Cmdr. Hawkins canceled a previous launch order.
From "In search of new worlds" (ep 1).

Technical difficulties on the ultra-screenNow I can't watch the action!
"Wait!  Come back and fix the picture on the ultra-screen.  Now I can't watch the action!"
Drule commander Gorzil, who was watching VV fight a robeast.
From "Revolt of the slaves" (ep 29).

Hazar... you are needed!
"Hazar, you keep to yourself; you brood.  What you do not do is take action.  Many would follow you if you took things into your own hands.  You are needed!"
Hazar's sister Dorma, to Hazar as he lamented his failure to convince the Drule leaders to pursue negotiation over confrontation with the Alliance.
From "Letters from home" (ep 35).

Please get out of my chair!Oh, uh, sure, Commander!
"Yes, Jeff, but I have one final request:  Please get out of my chair!"
Cmdr. Hawkins, to Jeff, who was sitting in Hawkins' chair on the bridge while waiting to launch.
Possibly from "Captain Newley returns" (ep 33)?

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