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The Stellar Ship Explorer

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Celebrating "That Other Voltron" since 8/29/1999.
A Mighty Website—loved by ALL true Voltron fans; feared by "Vehicle Haters."

What's new and what's to come

Enhancements and additions to the entire site are in progress. Some of these are cosmetic; some are "under the hood." It's an ongoing effort to optimize the quality and entertainment value of the site. A few new pages are in the works, plus existing pages will continue to be updated/enhanced/completed as time permits. "Under the hood" changes include enhancements for HTML5, search engine optimization, and social media.

More new pics have been posted to the "VV's Arsenal" page. Also, the "Who flies what ship" page has been tweaked to reflect the recent release of new material that corrects an error regarding what ships Zandee and Tangor operate. Also other little changes here and there, most notably a sweet (to me, anyway :) new pic on the main page that I put together with some original images and the help of some mostly free editing software. Finally, ALERT: I am beginning the process of deprecating the "old" HTML pages in favor of the newer ASP pages that've been in "beta" since this spring. This means the homepage link will soon redirect to the new pages, and all updates will be posted ONLY to the new pages. The older pages will still be available for the time being, but any links to them on the new pages will eventually be removed. So if you're reeeeally attached to the old pages, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Just posted my Voltron: the 3rd Dimension page, wherein I express a few rants, er, thoughts about the series. I actually wrote it years ago but never posted it before now. Um... enjoy?

The Stellar Ship Explorer's new beta site launches! New style and some new content. Take a tour and make with the feedback, please, y'all. Expect some broken image and page links, but I felt now was the right time to toss it out there to the VIC for some input—which can be done via email, Twitter, or Facebook (links on the "About this site" page. Have at it!

The Stellar Ship Explorer returns to!  After months in dry dock at SvenBlue's personal webspace, I've finally chosen a new hosting service, Network Solutions.  Since they're kinda well known and established in the Web business, I'm fairly optimistic that they won't have problems like my previous service.  As for the site, the new, ASP-coded Guestbook is FINALLY operational now that I'm on a host that actually does ASP.  So if you haven't signed yet, do it now!  Also, small changes have been made and a few new images added here and there.

After more than a year out of commission, the Explorer flies again!  So what that heck happened, you ask?  Well, shortly after the last site update fell into total chaos, courtesy of its con-artist owner.  By the time I'd realized what was going on, I'd been laid off from my job and couldn't afford to go shopping for another host.  I must briefly digress here in order to warn anyone else shopping for a Web host:  Whatever you do, avoid FEATUREPRICE.COM, ATLANTIC.NET, and any hosting service associated with TRAVIS JOHNSON or FATHI SAID like the plague.  ANYHOO... so, the site's been offline since then.  I did, however, teach myself ASP in the interim and used it to write new code for the guestbook and site stats.  My friend and fellow Vehicle-phile Danny (a. k. a. SvenBlue2000) has graciously offered to host the Explorer on his personal webspace until I'm financially able to shop for another host, which is why you're seeing the Explorer again today.  The bad news is that I can't use any of that cool ASP code I developed on this host, so that'll have to come another day.  The good news, aside from the fact that the Explorer is up at all, is that I've added a VV ep guide and a VV/LV Connections page, updated/removed dead links, updated several pages and added many more images!  And more is to come, thanks to Purrsia, Coldwin, and Danny, who are working tirelessly to get VV eps and share them with the rest of the fans.

The Explorer moves to BrainChildOfGod.NET.  I was a few days late in renewing my web hosting account w/ and lost, so I was forced to use when I renewed.

The Explorer flies again at!  The site was downed after former host NetColony started having chronic problems.  I gave up on them after repeated emails were answered with error messages.  I finally decided on to host my new cyberhome.  The site's back; I now have my own domain name; and no more freaking popup ads!  Also, the long-delayed Chronology page is finally up, and more images have been added to the "Who flies what" page.  Coming up:  Some long-overdue cleanup of broken links, and a new hit counter and guestbook.  (You can still view the old guestbook entries; you just can't add any new ones at this time.)

Another S. S. Explorer exclusive!  Thanks to the serendipitous discovery of some images of the old Matchbox VV toy's box on Ebay, I now have names for ALL of the vehicles on the "Who flies what" page!  Woo-hoo!  (No, the Chronology's still not up yet, but this burning question was recently asked on WEP's message board and I just HAD to share the info ASAP!  : )

The update continues!  The site redesign is now complete.  Some images have been added to the "Who flies what" page, and the Dairugger XV page (which also includes EXCLUSIVE info about what REALLY happened to Albegas, the "lost" Voltron II!) makes its debut.  Chronology still to come.

Another update has finally begun!  For starters, the site is undergoing a minor redesign:  The screen width has been tweaked from 600 to 800 pixels; the site map has been moved from the left side of every page to the right; and the site now appears virtually the same whether you view it in Nestscape or IE (a small blessing for IE users, who have had to deal with an annoying, space-wasting, half-inch wide blue strip between the site map and the main text of every page on the site).  Also, the HTML template page which I use to build and update my pages has been tweaked to make future updates simpler and faster.  Also coming soon:  More images, updated links, a Dairugger XV overview page, and the long-awaited VV Chronology page.

As promised many moons ago, more images have been added.  They and some other new stuff can be found on the "VV misconceptions" page.  I also corrected the browser specs (Thanx again, SC.)

A minor change, albeit an important one:  Previously, the banners on my main page were linking directly to their respective sources.  I did this naively, not being aware of the issue of bandwidth stealing.  (You'd think I, a COMP SCI grad, would be hip to this--but I'm still fairly wet behind the ears when it comes to Web design.  I am learning fast, though.)  I'm now using copies of the images, local to my site.  Apologies to chios and Koshie for my ignorance, and thanks to SC and her D. O. T. N. page (no longer active) for bringing this to my attention.  Don't wanna join you-know-who in the Hall of Shame, ya know!  :) 

Main page now includes best browser and resolution specs (Thanx, SC).  The links to the guest book were fixed, and any typos I happened across were corrected. 

P. S.  Thanx to everyone who's visited so far for your support and encouragement! 

WOO-HOO!  Stellar Ship Explorer finally embarks on her maiden voyage.  Thanks for your patience, everyone. 

Coming up:  More images, and the LV/VV Connections and Chronology sections will be published. 

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