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Who flies what ship, and who's who

Here's a list of VV Force members and leaders, and the ships they fly. For each one I've included the following data where applicable:

Pilot's name
Vehicle number and name[1]
What part of VV the vehicle forms
The character's voice actor[2]
A brief character bio.

Stellar Ship Explorer
Galaxy Alliance Flagship, Home of the VV Force and Docking Station for the Voltron Vehicles

S. S. Explorer

Cmdr. Hawkins Commander Hawkins
Voice Actor: Peter Cullen

Cmdr. Hawkins is the chief commanding officer of the Explorer and the VV Force. He leads the crew in its exploratory mission to find new worlds, and instructs the VVF in exploration as well as in battle. It's appropriate that Hawkins is in charge of the Explorer, as he himself is a true explorer at heart. As such, he's very reluctant to go into battle, doing so only after exhausting all other options. Hawkins has made several peaceful overtures to the Drules, only to see them break down almost every time. While Hawkins sincerely craves peace, the Drules see it as naivetè as best and a trick at worst. But no matter how many times the Drules try to turn his peaceful intentions against him, Hawkins never gives up hope for a true, lasting peace.

Capt. Newley Captain Newley
Voice Actor: Lennie Weinrib

Capt. Newley is Cmdr. Hawkins' second-in-command in charge of the Explorer and the VV Force. During the series, Galaxy Garrison reassigned Newley back to Earth, though he would reunite with the Explorer crew as commander of a reinforcement fleet later in the series. VVF team leaders Jeff, Crik, and Cliff subsequently assumed his duties in rotating shifts as Acting Captains. Newley and Hawkins have a strong rapport—they agree on how to respond to situations most of the time, but when the rare conflict occurs, Newley always defers to his CO.

Prof. Page Professor Page
Voice Actor: Jack Angel

Professor Page is the Explorer's chief scientist, specializing in biology; and chief medical officer. Some of the VVF wonder why he's even onboard, with his contrary ways. Crik's response: "He's real big on plant life!"

Air Team
Combines into Stratofighter

Air Team and Stratofighter

Jeff Jeff
Vehicle #1: Command Jet Explorer
Part of Voltron: Head
Voice Actor: Neil Ross

Jeff is the leader of the Air Team and Commander of the entire Voltron Force. As a leader, Jeff is bold, decisive, and quick to action—although he can also be hotheaded and impulsive. He stands in the gap between his teams and his superiors when he feels it's necessary, although his brashness has also brought him into some heated conflicts with the crew and his commanders. When Captain Newley was reassigned from the Explorer, Jeff, Crik, and Cliff were assigned to rotating shifts as Acting Captains serving at Cmdr. Hawkins' right hand.

Rocky Rocky
Vehicle #2: Strato Weapons Module
Part of Voltron: Chest
Voice Actor: Lennie Weinrib

Like his Lion Voltron colleague Hunk, Rocky loves to eat. When he's not out on exploration or combat missions, he can found in the mess hall packing it away. He can also be as snarky as he is stocky—neither Drules nor allies are spared his wisecracks, delivered in his thick Brooklyn accent.

Wolo Wolo
Vehicle #3: Advanced Recon Helicopter
Part of Voltron: Right Arm
Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Wolo is one of several non-Earth crewpersons on the VV Force and the only one on the Air Team. He is levelheaded but sometimes easily distracted: He is haunted by a traumatic childhood memory in which he saw his older brother severely injured. That memory hit Wolo hard while exploring a world very similar to his own, but he pulled himself together in time to help VV and exorcise his ghosts in the process.

Chip Chip
Vehicle #4: Advanced Recon Helicopter
Part of Voltron: Left Arm
Voice Actor: Neil Ross

Chip and Pidge (who pilots Lion Voltron's Green Lion) are twin brothers. Chip is smart beyond his years—in "Letters from Home" (ep 35), Pidge wrote in a letter that Chip should be VV's head because he "always had the brains!" Like most twins, Chip and Pidge share a very close bond—so much so that one time when Chip didn't hear from his brother, he became so gripped with worry that he was briefly unable to perform his duties.

Ginger Ginger
Vehicle #5: Fighter Plane
Part of Voltron: Chestplate
Voice Actor: BJ Ward

Among VV fans, Ginger gets a bad rap (unfairly, IMHO), because at a glance she seems to be just a flirty airhead. Don't be fooled, though; you don't want to cross her in battle. She's tough as nails, and smart enough to jerry-rig VV to fire a supercharged electro-thermo-blast on the fly. Like her colleague Wolo, she's also haunted by her own childhood trauma—her mother was severely injured in an astroship incident. Also like Wolo, despite sustaining serious injuries in battle she would eventually toughen up and rejoin the team just in time.

Sea Team
Combines into Aquafighter

Sea Team and Aquafighter

Crik Crik
Vehicle #6: Communications Module
Part of Voltron: Midsection
Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Crik is the leader of the Sea Team and second-in-command of the Voltron Force—he has taken command whenver Jeff is injured or missing. Once, Crik even ordered Voltron to form without the head after Jeff was knocked out. Crik is from a water world and seems to possess a "sixth sense" that causes a vague, uneasy feeling whenever danger threatens. In many ways, Crik is the yang to Jeff's yin: whereas Jeff is brash and impulsive, Crik is much more thoughtful and centered.

Lisa Lisa
Vehicle #7: Space Prober
Part of Voltron: Right Upper Leg
Voice Actor: BJ Ward

Lisa is very sensitive and sentimental; often to a fault, if you asked certain fellow team members. She's also patient and a good listener; those qualities were especially helpful in bringing Chip out of his funk when he was worried about his twin brother Pidge. In the first ep ("In search of new worlds"), we learn that she's not from Earth.

Tangor Tangor
Vehicle #8: Space Prober
Part of Voltron: Left Upper Leg
Voice Actor: ? (Best guess: Neil Ross. You listen; you decide.)

Little was revealed about Tangor in the series, beyond his name and what vehicle he pilots. Only Zandee had less dialogue than Tangor. From his appearance I'd guess that he and Wolo are from the same planet. He has an appetite that almost rivals Rocky's.

Shannon Shannon
Vehicle #9: Multi-Wheeled Explorer
Part of Voltron: Right Lower Leg
Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Shannon is Irish and has the sterotypical temper to match. Of all the members of the VV Force, Shannon's contempt for the Drules is probably the most personal—his brother is a prisoner on Planet Doom. After the Explorer rescued a young Drule named Sandu who crashed during a combat exercise, Shannon wanted nothing more than to "teach him a lesson." But with some gentle prodding from his teammates (and some not-so-gentle prodding from Cmdr. Hawkins), the two become good friends. He's also clashed with Lisa over what he sees as her "child-like" sensitivity and sentimentality.

Zandee Zandee
Vehicle #10: Multi-Wheeled Explorer
Part of Voltron: Left Lower Leg
Voice Actor: ? (Best guess: Neil Ross. You listen; you decide.)

Almost nothing was revealed about Zandee in the series, beyond his name and what vehicle he pilots. Frankly, I couldn't even guess what planet he's from. Of all the VVF, Zandee had the least dialogue throughout the series.

Land Team
Combines into Turbo Terrain Fighter

Land Team and Turbo Terrain fighter

Cliff Cliff
Vehicle #11: Armoured Equipment Carrier [3]
Part of Voltron: Waist
Voice Actor: Lennie Weinrib

Cliff is the leader of the Land Team and third-in-command of the VV Force. He hails from rural Australia. Where Jeff is hotheaded and Crik is very even-keeled, Cliff's personality falls somewhere in-between those two extremes. Even in high-tension situations, Cliff will quietly and patiently stand by until further orders, and encourage his teammates to do likewise.

Sinda Sinda
Vehicle #12: Rotating Personnel Carrier [4]
Part of Voltron: Right Hand
Voice Actor: BJ Ward

Though from the same water world as Crik, Sinda's passion is land exploration—in fact, the more rugged the terrain, the better. Also like Crik, she possesses a "danger sense," though not as strong as his. When not on combat or exploration missions, she can most often be found bonding with Crik or socializing with the other VVF ladies.

Modock Modock
Vehicle #13: Jet Radar Station [4] [5]
Part of Voltron: Left Hand
Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Modock is hardy and scrappy; on more than one occasion he's fought through serious pain and injury to help his teammates. While out on exploration, he sometimes neglects to take all proper precautions before stepping into unknown situations—which often results in his sustaining such injuries in the first place.

Marvin Marvin
Vehicle #14: All-Terrain Space Vehicle (A.T.S.V.) [4]
Part of Voltron: Right Foot
Voice Actor: Michael Bell

Marvin and Hutch could almost be combined into one bio; one's rarely seen without the other. Marvin likes doing things that drive Hutch crazy, like trying to cheat in poker games with him. Whenever they really get into it, Jeff and the other team members usually prefer to just hold off and let them fight it out (and enjoy the show in the meantime), knowing that they're really best friends and are just venting.

Hutch Hutch
Vehicle #15: A.T.S.V. [4]
Part of Voltron: Left Foot
Voice Actor: Peter Cullen

While team leader Cliff "goes by the book," Hutch isn't nearly so patient. In high-tension situations, he "asks questions" and demands answers and action. When he thinks something needs to be done, he wants to do it yesterday. Hutch and Marvin are best friends, but they often get under each other's skin and fight like brothers.


  1. The individual vehicles were never given names in the series. This info came from images of the Matchbox VV toy's box, which I stumbled upon at an Ebay auction. Thanks to my buddy Danny for pointing me there, and especially thank you, bobcat_69, wherever/whomever you are! : ) [^]

  2. If there are any "official" lists out there for which voice actor did which character, I didn't consult them. These are my best educated guesses. Most of them were pretty easy (e.g., most voices done by Jack Angel, Michael Bell, Peter Cullen, BJ Ward, and Lennie Weinrib are pretty easy for me to spot; Neil Ross is a little tougher), but a few required careful listening and not-so-educated guessing. Any corrections that can be documented or well-explained are welcome and appreciated. [^]

  3. Yes, the box actually used the British spelling of "armored". Perhaps the box was designed in the UK? Or maybe they just spelled it that way because Aussie Cliff's the ship's pilot? : ) [^]

  4. Some other pages place Modock and Sinda in ships 14 and 15, and Marvin and Hutch in ships 12 and 13, respectively. Here's why I believe what I've written above is correct:

    • In "Planet of the Bats" (ep 10), Modock is stricken severely ill. He's shown to be flying #13 in this ep.
    • In "Try this world for size" (ep 5), Sinda and Modock are traveling as a pair exploring a world. They're both clearly driving hand ships. Even though this ep doesn't show specifically who's driving which hand, since we already know Modock pilots #13 we can infer that Sinda must operate #12.
    • Regarding Marvin and Hutch: Since we now know that Sinda and Modock pilot the hand vehicles, that leaves the feet for Marvin and Hutch. Ep 26, "Nerok scores big," clearly shows Marvin in #14—which would leave #15 for Hutch. (Thanks to my buddy Danny, a.k.a. SvenBlue2000, for sending me that ep way back before the DVDs were released.:)

    [^1] [^2] [^ Marvin] [^ Hutch]

  5. I have no idea why the hand ships got different names; other vehicle "pairs," such as the feet, helicopters, and sea team leg vehicles shared names. I just got 'em from the box. It was Matchbox who did it that way; ask them. *shrug* [^]

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