Who flies what ship, and who's who

Now that I've got some images I decided to put them right on the page instead of requiring an extra click to view them.  What a deal!

Also look for a listing of the VV characters here in the future. 

NOTE:  You may notice that my ship-pilot listings differ slightly from those on other VV pages.  I have marked such descrepancies in the chart, and the footnotes below explain why I feel the listing below is accurate.  If you have one of these different listings and can offer some episodic support of your version, feel free to email me. 
# Ship Name * Part of VV Team Pilot
1 Command Jet Explorer Head Air Jeff
2 Strato Weapons Module Chest Air Rocky **
3 Advanced Recon Helicopter R. Arm Air Wolo
4 Advanced Recon Helicopter L. Arm Air Chip **
5 Fighter Plane Chestplate Air Ginger
6 Communications Module Midsection Sea Crik
7 Space Prober R. Upper Leg Sea Lisa
8 Space Prober L. Upper Leg Sea Zandee
9 Multi-Wheeled Explorer R. Lower Leg Sea Shannon
10 Multi-Wheeled Explorer L. Lower Leg Sea Tangor
11 Armoured Equipment
Carrier ***
Waist Land Cliff
12 Rotating Personnel Carrier R. Hand Land Sinda ****
13 Jet Radar Station L. Hand Land Modock ****
14 All-Terrain Space 
Vehicle (A.T.S.V)
R. Foot Land Marvin ****
15 A.T.S.V. L. Foot Land Hutch ****
N/A Stellar Ship Explorer
N/A N/A Commander 

* The individual vehicles were never given names in the series. This info came from images of the Matchbox VV toy's box, which I stumbled upon at an Ebay auction.  Thanks to my buddy Danny for pointing me there, and especially thank you, bobcat_69, wherever/whomever you are!  : ) 

** Some other pages place Chip in ship #2 and Rocky in ship #4.  It's pretty well-known that Jeff sits in #1 and Ginger sits in #5.  "Wolo's lost world" (ep 12) places him in #3, which leaves Chip and Rocky unaccounted for.  Well, "Letters from home" (ep 35), which I have on tape, pretty clearly shows Chip in #4 (and Lisa in #7, for that matter).  That of course leaves #2 for Rocky. 

*** Yes, the box actually used the British spelling of "armored".  Perhaps the box was designed in the UK?  Or maybe they just spelled it that way because Aussie Cliff's the ship's pilot?  : )

**** Some other pages place Modock and Sinda in ships 14 and 15, and Marvin and Hutch in ships 12 and 13, respectively.  Here's why I believe what I've written above is correct:

  • In "Planet of the Bats" (ep 10), Modock is stricken severely ill.  He's shown to be flying #13 in this ep. 
  • In "Try this world for size" (ep 5), Sinda and Modock are traveling as a pair exploring a world.  They're both clearly driving hand ships.  Even though this ep doesn't show specifically who's driving which hand, since we already know Modock pilots #13 we can infer that Sinda must operate #12. 
  • Regarding Marvin and Hutch:  I finally have some episodic backup of my research.  Thanks to my friend Danny (a. k. a. SvenBlue2000), I recently received "Nerok scores big" (ep 26) which clearly shows Marvin in #14, leaving #15 for Hutch.


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